good at cleaning! Of course she can. She IS here to serve after all. And if Christie can't eat her pussy, she's not going to let Sarah eat it anymore either. Adria impatiently asks Sarah if she's almost done yet. Adria's in a naughty mood and tells Christie that she feels they have an undeniable connection, putting her hand on Christie's leg. Getting closer to Christie, Adria tells her that no one will find out. Adria tells her that she's really looking forward to seeing more of Christie around the house. Christie gets up, wipes her face, and leaves the room as Sarah walks. But Sarah can't get enough of her tight step-daughter, and as Adria browses on her laptop later, her mom hungrily rims her asshole. She bounces in and Sarah invites her to play with them. And serve she does, diving right into the action. Read the rest of this entry. As Adria's fingers creep up under Christie's skirt between her legs, she tells the maid that she can't keep her eyes off her either. With a wicked smile, Sarah tells her that she's only going to need a few more seconds. Christie's dressed in a drool-inducing maid's outfit, so it's no surprise when Sarah introduces her to Adria as their new maid. In the bedroom, Christie is back on the job, smoothing out the bedsheets, when Adria, wearing a cute little dress, comes in and hops up onto the bed. Adria moans in ecstasy. The next day, Adria comes home to find her mom sitting at the kitchen table with the buxom. She wants to be the only one eating Adria's delicious pussy, she continues, lowering her lips to Adria's little clit. When she's done with her phone call, Adria settles in for a snack, while Sarah gets a snack of her own, hungrily munching on Adria's pussy again.

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